Reports from Consultancies

Asian Development Bank Funded Irrigation Rehabilitation Project in the state of Chhattisgarh, India 2005-12. Project name: Chhattisgarh Irrigation Development Project (CIDP). My consultancy was to organize and plan farmer training to improve production of irrigated rice and rabi crops following rice in the dry season (winter). These were rainfed farmers growing a single crop of rainfed rice without a follow-on crop. As it took some years for the irrigation systems to be renovated rice culture was mainly rainfed. Chhattisgarh is one of the main rice bowls in India. I made 10 trips to Raipur from 2006-2011 and filed the following reports to the consultancy company Kellogg, Brown and Root based in Australia. Farmers experimented growing wheat, chickpea (dhal), lentil, groundnuts, and some vegetables after rice.

Proposal of the CIDP Mar 2005

CIDP Litsinger 1st Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 2nd Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 3rd Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 4th Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 5th Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 6th Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 7th Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 8th Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 9th Duty Report

CIDP Litsinger 10th Duty Report

A similar project called the Minor Irrigation Project (Maharashtra) or MIP-M funded by the German Development Bank funded the construction of small-scale dams and weirs in India. I made 7 trips to Pune  between 2008-2012 as a consultant with Euroconsult. These reports contain much information based on farmer interviews of extant crop management practices as well as how the project benefited the recipients. The main cropping system in Maharashtra before irrigation was intercropping of pigeon pea, sorghum, cotton, and soybean. With irrigation they embarked on a broad diversity of food and cash crops many of which they sold in local markets. In some locations the farmers became very successful and entered the middle class. These reports describe their journey.


MIP-M Litsinger 1st Duty Report

MIP-M Litsinger 2nd Duty Report

MIP-M Litsinger 3rd Duty Report

MIP-M Litsinger 4th Duty Report

MIP-M LItsinger 5th Duty Report

MIP-M Litsinger 6th Duty Report

MIP-M Litsinger 7th Duty Report

Final Report PADP Training Program

Economic Impact MIP-M Feb 2011

Final Report MIP-M IPM Paper Chhattisgarh

PIDM Summary Paper for RD&WCD


Pesticide Evaluation Reports and Safer Use Action Plan (PERSUAP)

USAID requires that projects that it funds undergo an evaluation of the proposed pesticides to be used. Consultancies were carried out to make recommend safer pesticides and not to allow the most hazardous ones.


CRS Niger DFAP Description of the Program

Niger Persuap Final Report Title II Development Fund Aid Program (DFAP) implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS)




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